5 Tips to Host a Successful Dinner Party!

1. Consider carefully when putting together your guest list. To ensure the conversation flows throughout, it is important that they should have common interests.
2. Seating plan. If you are inviting couples, it is usually a good idea to mix people around. It will allow and encourage your guests to interact and socialize more easily.
3. Unless you are using caterers and serving staff for the evening, as the host, you should always sit on the chair closest to the kitchen to allow you to leave the table discretely when required.
4. The choice of menu. This will play quite a big part in the way your table look as the type of food you are planning to serve will have a definite effect on the kind of table setting that will accomodate it best. For example, if you decide to serve a roast dinner, unless you decide to plate it beforehand, you need to make sure there is plenty of space on the table for all the dishes and that your guests are able to pass them around.
5. And last but not least… Remember that cosy and intimate settings create the best atmosphere as it allows your guests to relax.

If you follow those 5 steps, you are off to a good start!

For my next blog, I will talk about the different table settings that can be created to ensure a wow factor! Talk again soon…

Sylvie x

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