With summer on its way and beautiful sunny afternoons ahead, it would be a shame not to make the most of the great outdoors!
Which is why we also organise casual picnics providing you with all the essentials required for a relaxed lunch among the beautiful and natural setting that nature has to offer.
To make it even more pleasurable, we can also arrange for an epicurean lunch buffet to be prepared according to your taste and dietary requirement.


Any dinner party worthy of its name requires invitations. Not only does it help you to be better prepared by having numbers confirmed early on, it also gives you the opportunity to let your guests know about a specific occasion or dress code.
And while sending them by email or via a message might be the easiest option, it truly does not compare to a beautiful handwritten card sent in a matching envelop or personally handed to your guests.
A wow factor guaranteed right from the start!

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