Here is a selection of my favourite table designs.

Choose the one which you have the most affinity with and I will then endeavour to recreate a similar look for your dinner party.
Alternatively we can also work together on creating a bespoke table setting according to your personal ideas or occasion.


“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.” Katherine Hepburn
A perfect table for the most romantic night of the year! Let the magic of love happen…🥰💘


It was the beginning of winter. The days were getting shorter and colder and I was inspired to create a table which would reflect the season without being Christmassy. A challenging but enlivening task which lead me to create Snowflake.
Not a hint of red, gold or green in sight but instead a white and silver theme throughout exuding a certain tranquility and stillness, broken only by the beautiful crystal snowflakes softly dancing above the table. A real winter wonderland!


This iconic look is guaranteed to bring a feel of elegance and style to your evening.
The classic combination of black and white, quintessential Chanel elements such as pearls and lace set the mood, adding a certain Audrey Hepburn feel and touch of class to the table.
The perfect opportunity to invite your guests to dress in black and white for the evening and enjoy the glamour of the 1950’s once again.


There is nothing that screams luxury and opulence quite like black and gold put together and this fabulous table setting is screaming it very LOUD! And so will your guests as they enter the room and take in the decor.
As a center piece, black candelabra and gold candles set the mood, followed by the hand painted glasses, gold cuttlery and stunning Art Deco plates. The natural peacock feathers, arranged on the softly pleated black satin tablecloth, adding to the dramatic effect with a touch of sensuality. With this table, more can definitely never be too much!


Double, double, toil & trouble… here comes the Halloween table! 🎃
One of my favourite time of year and the perfect excuse to go totally overboard and let creativity overflow! This latest table setting certainly reflects this… with its OTT look, when more never seem to be quite enough!
To set the mood for this Halloween dining table, I have added as many scary props and spooky surprises as I could manage!
I created a special floral composition with black and orange flowers and some foliage and berries to use as one of my beautiful centrepiece. Could not resist adding a couple of candelabras too. Made some meringue little ghosts with my daughter a couple of days before. Not only do they add some fun but they taste delicious!
I also took the time to decorate the side table and walls to enhance the Halloween ambiance! Trick or treat anybody…?? 👻

Autumnal Equinox

A very special time of year when the sun is directly over the Earth’s equator and when everyone across the globe gets a day and a night lasting 12 hours each! I created this autumnal table to celebrate such a time. See how the mood changes as daytime slowly drift into night.
A roaring fire in the background and some soft velvet cushions inviting you to relax. A perfect setting for what promises to be a beautiful evening! Autumn… not such a bad season afterall..?!

Woodland Walk

Why not bring the outdoor – indoor and dine among colourful birds? Rustic is definitely the “mot du jour” for this table. A cream linen table cloth, a contrasting green damassé table runner, a couple of soy wax scented candles, circle straw table mats, hammered effect cutlery and some gorgeous hand made glasses. And to complete the look, Williams Morris strawberry printed plates and glasses.
A taste of nature which will enhance even the simplest of lunch. In fact, if you close your eyes, I am sure you will even hear the birds sing!

Easter Fun!

An appropriate name to describe a table which is most definitely all about that… fun! An ideal opportunity to create and enjoy found memories shared by all, children as much as adults, around a colourful, humoristic (have you noticed the bunny bum cupcake toppers proudly sticking out of the meringue nest?) and very gourmande table.
Set up outside enjoying some warmth and sunshine under a pergola, I somehow doubt any of the mini chocolate eggs distributed all over the table will even have a chance to melt…?! The children won’t be the only culprit either!


The name describes this table best! Bright and cheerful colours bringing a ray of sunshine to any setting regardless of the weather.
Throw a couple of rainbow-printed cushions on the chairs to emphasise the theme and serve a selection of colourful cocktails decorated with umbrellas, slices of pineapple and paper straw. An absolute must!


This is a vibrant yellow and blue table set up next to a magnificent olive tree.
It invites you to sit down among the soft and bright cushions and relax on a sunny terrace was created in souvenir of my travel to Italy.
The memories remain as fresh and tangy in my memory as the zest of a lemon.

La Vie En Rose

Romance was the inspiration when I created this table. Set outside under the arches of a beautiful tonnelle decorated with pastel coloured ribbons. The round table softly draped over with a vintage white tablecloth with embroided flowers. Wine glasses with rainbow colours enhanced by the sunshine, pink blush plates and bowls adorned with a softly scented rose in its centre to tickle your senses.
A couple of tiny posy bouquet of pansies as a symbol of loving feelings. Some candles, ivy and Campanulas as a centre piece. All that remains to do… sit down, relax and enjoy the mood. La vie en rose par excellence…. non!?

Message In A Bottle

The beach always reminds me of summer holidays and brings a smile to my face. This table was created to rekindle this feeling with sand, pebbles, drift wood, shells and seaweed as my centrepiece. As a background, a rope and a colourful bunting banner.
For the table itself, some blue and white plates, white napkins folded into the shape of ammonites, a couple of heart shaped pebble candles and a string of mini bottles to light up the display as the sun start to go down. All that is required now is a freshly made bouillabaise to complete the atmosphere and delight the tastebuds! Bon appétit!

Cupcake & Roses

A most suited name for a very sweet setting. I created this table with Mother’s Day in mind although it could also work very well for a birthday or an anniversary. I decided to mix the soft tones of the plates and accessories with a contrasting rose print table runner to add some vibrancy.
A cake stand with a delicious selection of cupcakes invite you for some well deserved indulgence. As a centrepiece, a beautiful bouquet of roses dedicated to all the wonderful mothers of this world. Happy Mother’s Day!

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