Sylvie Pasquier

I was born in the Champagne area of France. Fashion had always been a passion of mine and it led me to move to Paris to study Haute Couture and subsequently start a career as a Fashion designer. All very well, I hear you say, but what has that got to do with tablescaping…? And more to the point… what is it….?  
In a few words, tablescaping  is a creative arrangement of items gathered and placed on top of the table, incorporating textures, scent and lighting following a specific trend or theme and by such creating a unique and memorable experience for yourself as a host as well as your guests. If done right, it can elevate your entertaining experience to a new level and become the starting point of all conversation. 
During lockdown, I started organising small dinner parties for close friends. Decorating a table and creating a mood is something I had done for years, even before it was given a name. It was something I had learnt from my mother who always said “Les pupilles d’abord, les papilles ensuite!” which translated means “First the pupils and then the taste buds!” She strongly believed that presentation was paramount and that it played a big part in the overall enjoyment of a dinner party.  
Over the years, I have found that creating beautiful tables for my guests was not only fun but really helped to lift the mood. It also created a moment of escapism which was truly appreciated by everyone especially over the last incredibly tough couple of years. The decorations I chose to embellish my tables soon became a talking point. I was asked where I had found that specific dish, tablemats, vase or candle holder and how I always managed to make everything look so eye catching, perfect and inviting. 
Guests do appreciate the time and effort taken to create a beautiful table. It makes them feel special and looked after. My guests still talk about it now! And this is basically how the idea of a new business in tablescaping started.  
I truly love what I do and have found my career as a Fashion designer to actually be a major advantage when creating new tables. I am constantly using my designing and creative skills, my in-depth knowledge of fabric, textures and pattern as well as my well-trained eye for details when adding those all so important finishing touches!
In summary, the thrill of turning a simple event into an iconic and memorable experience, which goes beyond just a culinary one, inspires me! So, whether it is a small gathering of close friends or a party for a special occasion, don’t hesitate to contact me as I can definitely help you create your perfect evening!


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    Whether it is a small gathering of close friends or a party for a special occasion, don’t hesitate to contact S Events to help you create your perfect evening.